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From overall service satisfaction to your products, we've got it covered!


Enhance the
voice of your customer

Give your customers an exclusive way of voicing their opinion about your service levels and product offerings.

provide smarter
shopping experiences

With our product reviews, customers can leverage peer experiences to help fast-track their purchasing decision.

Enable frictionless
communication & community

Our gold-standard platform makes providing reviews effortless, amplifying loyalty and community from your customers.

mystery shopping disrupted

By creating the opportunity for your customer base to provide feedback, you create a community invested in your brand and willing to help you improve, unlike traditional mystery shopping, which is far more critical and lacks authenticity.

In-store experience

Get valuable insight into your customers' in-store journey with feedback on store cleanliness, interaction with staff, product availability and overall experience, to name a few.

Cross-channel feedback

Engagements that blend digital and in-store channels are imperative in today's world. Have continuous visibility and satisfaction metrics of your various customer touchpoints such as click-and-collect, E-commerce, in-store, and returns process by continuously engaging customers who use these services.

delight your customers

The call-to-action prompted by loyalty incentives (e.g. discounts and vouchers) is an effective method of gathering feedback with a higher engagement rate. Delighting your customers results in increased satisfaction and basket spend.


With Tellus, you have multiple options available to gather valuable information from your customers, such as surveys, compliments, complaints, suggestions, out of stock, etc.

Surveys can be customized with 5-star reviews, 0-10 ratings, multiple-choice, smileys or user-generated content (UGC). Gather customer information and respond to their suggestions or complaints. Deliver surveys through various channels such as SMS, email, your website, QR-code or a link. Choose any or all of the above to suit your customer type.

Mobile-first solution

This means customers generally provide their feedback while in the store or immediately after their visit – making the process convenient for your customers—no entering a long and hard-to-type URL from a receipt.

Real-Time Feedback for immediate action

Take advantage of real-time notifications to let your staff and management know when to engage the customer at the moment of truth.

advanced reporting and analytics

Our intuitive reporting helps you understand the actionable issues impacting your store experience. Clearly understand what is and isn't working across your entire business and why. Isolate and identify problems and opportunities and then prioritize action accordingly.

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