Review Display

Display live online product reviews in-store at the product for an effective way for your customers to see peer reviews of the items they’re considering buying.


Online Reviews in Store

The Review Display takes the guesswork out of researching online product reviews for customers shopping in-store.

guide customer research

With the addition of our QR-code, customers can access more detailed review information from your website or your desired review destination.

Improved Conversion Rate

Keeping customer review curiosity in-store or on your desired review page reduces the risk of buying the same or similar product elsewhere.

Leverage the trust of reviews in-store

These days consumers have become online power researchers when it comes to products they are interested in buying. In the process of validating the product of choice, the best available price and a convenient method of purchasing become a big part of their decision, along with arguably the most crucial decision metric of all, peer reviews.

When a product of interest is found in-store, the comparison comes down to other similar products in front of them, price, and their judgment of quality based on what they see, feel, smell etc.

The subsequent natural reaction will be to research online to see how the product stacks up and what reviews there are. This can often lead to the customer purchasing elsewhere due to competitive pricing, discount vouchers or perhaps an alternative product all together!

Display Reviews In-Store

Make sure your physical stores are not left in the past. Use our eye-catching Review Displays alongside your products bringing live online review stats to your brick and mortar stores for an impactful call to purchase—display key product reviews at the product in-store.

Brick & Mortar bites back! 💪

The Review Display uses our product review platform and many other existing platforms using our advanced API. Displaying up-to-date peer reviews as they happen and keeping the Review Display a relevant, invaluable tool for Brick & Mortar retailers to compete with the ongoing challenges posed by E-commerce.

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