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Pose key questions in a simple format with our Retail Review Pads, providing a convenient and unobtrusive way for your customers to give you insight into their experience.


reviews at scale

Due to the simplicity of the Retail Review Pad, you can expect consistent engagement from your loyal customers.

eye catching interface

The Retail Review Pad is designed with mind-blowing simplicity at its core. Customers can identify its purpose from a distance and engage with ease.

Change it up

Rotate key performance questions to keep customers engaged and your teams at the top of their game.

fast effective reviews

Engage customers on their terms and act on what needs improving to grow your business.
Align your operations to meet your customers' expectations and see how your changes impact revenue, retention, and customer advocacy.

Keep it Simple

The Retail Review pad is designed with the eye-catching, iconic 5-star rating option. Designed to draw the attention from many a curious customer, this device can be placed at any strategic touchpoint in-store, such as transactional counters and exits, to attract maximum engagement and provide vital quantitative feedback.

Keep it focused

The Retail Review Pad pop up is designed for quick and easy question changes to gather focused reviews on key performance areas. Monitor results in real-time or over extended periods to act quickly to change or assess ongoing trends.

Customers can scan the QR Code presented to provide a digital review and more detailed feedback if they want to voice their opinions and perhaps require your intervention.

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